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Karate in Northeast Philadelphia

Some of the Most Commonly-Asked Questions About Karate in Northeast Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has ever thought about starting an exciting journey in learning karate or any other martial art, we bet you are overwhelmed with options and information. Which martial art should I choose? Which discipline of karate should I start with? Will my gym offer classes that fit my schedule? Do I need to buy a karate gi right away?

Fear not. Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy’s purpose as a business and as a dojo is to help people living in Northeast Philadelphia master the martial art of their choice. While we specialize in the teaching of Sinmoo Hapkido, we also offer karate classes for every level of instruction.

Here are some of the most common questions we get about karate:

Will Karate Help Me Lose Weight?

Karate, like any physical exercise, can be combined with a healthy diet to aid in weight loss. While it’s unlikely you will have major weight loss from karate alone, you will see increased benefits to your health, such as less stress, and you will learn mindfulness techniques, which can help anyone trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy offers drills for our students to help learn the physical stamina and strength required for competitive martial arts, and these workouts are more difficult than our regular courses of instruction. These courses may suit those looking for a workout well.

Can Karate Be Used for Self-Defense?

Absolutely. While the ancient art of karate was developed centuries ago when a village was likely to be attacked by a foreign army wielding samurai swords and so may be less relevant to civilized societies today, the kata and strikes emphasized in traditional karate can fend off an untrained attacker with ease.

Still, many people who learn karate at Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy will never have to use their skills in self-defense—and that’s a good thing!

When Will Karate Be in the Olympics?

Good news for karate fans everywhere! For the first time ever, karate will be featured as a sport in the 2020 Olympics. Starting a lifelong journey to learning karate now can result in inspiring performances a few years from now. We’ll definitely be watching!

The Best Martial Arts Dojo for Northeast Philadelphia

If you’re looking to find a welcoming place to study the martial arts, give Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy a call today or drop in to one of our beginner classes. And don’t forget to bookmark this page—we’ll add new questions and answers in the future!