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Hapkido classes in Abington


Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy has years of experience teaching the people of Abington Hapkido techniques, self-defense, methodology, and the philosophy of awareness and inner strength that is the core of Sinmoo Hapkido.

What is Sinmoo Hapkido?

Sinmoo Hapkido is a comprehensive Korean martial art that teaches a highly effective form of Mudo (martial ways), self-defense, weapons, philosophy and traditional Asian first aid. Hapkido employs all the best elements of, Street Self-Defense, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing and MMA making it arguably one of the best all around martial art in the world today.

What does Hapkido teach?

Hapkido is a very complete and comprehensive martial art and here is why.

Joint Locks and Holds

Joint locks and holds are used primarily for control of an aggressor. They are often defensive in nature, however at more advanced levels are very effective offensively. These skills are great for law enforcement and security personnel as well as everyday people.

Throws, Re-Direction, and Blocks

Throws and re-direction of Hapkido use an aggressor's momentum to continue the flow of energy and turn it against them. These techniques have some commonality with Judo and Aikido but use specialized Hapkido principles. The blocks used in Sinmoo Hapkido are mainly re-directions to off balance an attacker and gain the advantage, some blocks are attacks to nerve points on the body used to weaken the opponents limbs.

Kicks and Punches

Sinmoo Hapkido uses a wide variety of powerful striking and kicking methods designed to stop an attacker quickly. Sinmoo Hapkido has many powerful kicks that are very useful in "street style" defensive situations as well as some dynamic kicks that the Korean arts are known for.

Pressure Points and Energy

The human body has many vital or pressure points that are used in Hapkido to help control or disable an attacker. Interrupting the body’s energy flow will sap strength from an attacker and create an advantage for the defender.


Sinmoo Hapkido weapon training consist of the use of a short stick (tan bong), long stick (jang bong), the sword (kum), cane, handkerchief, long-belt/scarf, throwing weapons like, (knives, rocks, etc...) and adapting everyday objects to use as weapons are just some of skills we offer in Hapkido.

Philosophy, Meditation and Healing Arts

Sinmoo Hapkido teaches a simple yet profound philosophy for living a healthy and clean lifestyle designed to bring together our body, mind, and spirit. Sinmoo meditation techniques build mental focus, concentration and internal energy for martial arts training and lastly, Sinmoo Hapkido also has a special healing side called Revival Techniques, which specializes eastern medicine skills for first aid for the martial artist.

What is the history of Hapkido?

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art that means; “The Way of Coordinated Power.” A combination of ancient Korean kicking arts combined with Japanese Aiki-Jujitsu, weapons training, and other special skills from the Korean Samrang warriors all make up the skills of Sinmoo Hapkido.

There were two main developers of Hapkido in the 1960s, the first is Choi Yong Sul, the Father of Korean Jujitsu first called Hapki Yu Sool and later Hapkido. Choi lived in Japan for over thirty years and learned the highly regarded art of Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujitsu, and Dojunim Ji Han Jae the Founder of Hapkido and Sinmoo Hapkido.

Dojunim Ji is known as the primary person responsible for developing Hapkido and spreading it worldwide.

Dojunim Ji Han Jae martial arts fame spread and he became the chief trainer of the South Korean presidential bodyguards for almost two decades, He taught special seminars for the US Forces under Ronald Reagan and he was a teacher of the late Bruce Lee. Dojunim Ji appeared in Lee’s final movie, The Game of Death and several other movies like Lady Hapkido and Fist of the Unicorn. Bruce Lee considers Dujunim Ji Han Jae to be one of the worlds best martial artists and presented him with a Gold Belt, the highest rank in the world.

Master Stuart Rosenberg, 9th Dan is one of Dojunim Ji’s most knowledgeable personal students and carries on the art of Sinmoo Hapkido, Hapkido, and Hapki Yu Sool. In 2014, Master Rosenberg’s was honored with his own personal Hapkido Kwan by Dojunim Ji called, Sinmoo Anu Kwan, this special award is rare making him one of a hand full of people in the world to achieve this level under Dojunim, Ji Han Jae.

What are the benefits of Hapkido?

Why do so many people study Hapkido, here is why.

  • Technique over brute strength
  • Mentally stimulating training
  • Learn a traditional martial art
  • Feel more secure with Self-defense
  • Get in Shape
  • Stress relief
  • Gain Balance & Flexibility
  • Learn Respect
  • Gain Discipline
  • Improved Concentration
  • Have fun and make new friends

We invite the people of Abington to come and try one of our classes to see why Sinmoo Hapkido is practiced around the world.