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Martial Arts in Northeast Philadelphia

Your Guide to Martial Arts in Northeast Philadelphia

Whether you love watched mixed-martial arts (MMA) matches on television or you’re looking to make the first step towards a healthier lifestyle, martial arts can be a great addition to your weekly routine. However, there are so many different martial arts, all of which require different things and teach different principles.

It’s no wonder that most folks living in Northeast Philadelphia don’t know where to begin. So we at Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy have put together this guide to the most commonly asked questions about martial arts we get from Philadelphians.

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Which Martial Arts Are Used in MMA?

True to its name, mixed-martial-arts fighting involves no limits on the martial arts disciplines that fighters can use. Many popular fighters are trained in throwing and grappling disciplines like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo, but others focus on more traditional disciplines like karate and hapkido. Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy provides instructions in a wide variety of martial arts but specializes in Sinmoo Hapkido, a Korean martial art that specializes in striking and locks.

Can Martial Arts Make You Stronger?

While martial arts like hapkido and karate emphasize the learning of techniques that do not build strength and muscle like weightlifting does, most of our students find that they gain in physical and mental strength after a few weeks of regular practice.

Combined with the drills that increase stamina, martial arts instruction will lead to greater strength and stamina after time.

Can Martial Arts Help With Anxiety?

Often overlooked is the mental component of learning any martial arts discipline. The art of Sinmoo Hapkido places special emphasis on the connection between mind, spirit, and body and helping students to use their qi in both sparring and day-to-day life.

Just as any sort of regular exercise helps with mental woes, so too does adopting the discipline and commitment at the heart of any hapkido instruction.

Are Martial Arts Violent?

Despite the media’s portrayal of the martial arts in movies and on UFC matches, martial arts are first and foremost a lifestyle that places emphasis on a nonviolent approach to problems. The combat skills taught are to be used strictly in self-defense and most people who study the martial arts will never need to unleash their full might.

The Best Martial Arts Instruction in Northeast Philadelphia

We hope you’ve enjoyed Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy’s guide to some of the most commonly asked questions about martial arts and martial arts instruction in the Northeast Philadelphia area. Bookmark this page—we’ll be adding questions to it as time passes! Don’t see the answer to your question here? Give us a call and we’re happy to answer anything you might want to know.