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Martial Arts in Philadelphia

Martial Arts in Philadelphia

What do you want to gain out of life? If you want to get in better shape, gain confidence, improve awareness, or center your energy, Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy is the place for you. Master Stuart Rosenburg is a 9th Degree Black Belt and the top martial arts instructor in Philadelphia. Master Rosenburg, a Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee has been serving the Philadelphia community for many years, and Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy is his vision for martial arts training brought to life.

We specialize in Hapkido and are dedicated to improving our students in all aspects of their wellbeing. We’re focused on practicing mindfulness techniques and developing your personal goals along with our technical martial arts training.


Sinmoo Hapkido is an ancient Korean martial arts technique. It’s a form of self-defense that uses joint locks, grappling, and throwing to defeat an enemy. Hapkido also teaches the use of traditional weapons such as knives, swords, nunchucks, and bo staffs.

At Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy we don’t only want to teach you to defend yourself. We will teach you ancient Kore-an philosophy and meditation techniques that will improve your focus in training. Master Rosenburg is a lifelong practitioner of Sinmoo Hapkido, studying under Master Dojunim Ji. As one of his most knowledgeable students, Master Rosenburg is carrying on the ancient tradition at Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy in Philadelphia.

Sinmoo Hapkido teaches technique over brute strength and focuses on personal self-defense. We want you to feel secure and in focus when faced with potentially dangerous situations. Inner strength and awareness is just as important as technique and at Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy, we emphasize these values.

Martial Arts Equipment

If you’re thinking of signing up for classes and you’re worried about where you’ll find uniforms, swords and nunchucks, don’t worry! At Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy we will give you a training uniform (or ‘Gi’ as we call it) and offer weapons for rent at our school. You can also register for personal classes and advanced training once you reach that level.

So, if you’re looking for the best martial arts school in Philadelphia, look no further than Sinmoo Martial Arts Academy! Call or email today to book a free consultation.